Van T. Langeland, MS, LPC, LMFT

Style of Counseling
Van has a pleasant, direct, personal and engaging style.  He is not the type of counselor that just sits back and says,"how does that make you feel,"...rather, he gets in there with his clients to help them sort through their issues. He enjoys helping clients "connect the dots" from their past so they can improve their behavior and make better decisions in the present. Van's style is a blend of:

  - helping clients to find answers and solutions; 
  - teaching life principles; 
  - resolving issues from the past; 
  - using stories, analogies and illustrations to help teach and integrate life
  - teaching skills to live more healthy, productive and fulfilled lives

His goal is to create the context for growth and change within the counseling sessions. Van does this with a primary focus of staying in 'the present' and then going back into the past when necessary to resolve and heal the wounds that prevent more progress in the present. Lasting change happens when there is healing and transformation on the inside of a person.

Ridgeview Counseling Associates

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