Van T. Langeland, MS, LPC, LMFT

Ridgeview Counseling Associates

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Cary, North Carolina  27511

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Parenting Teens
Van has been offering Parenting Classes for parents of teens since 2003. These are high energy, interactional classes that are based on some of the widely accepted models of parenting of the last thirty years such as:  Active Parenting; Parenting with Love and Logic; and Teen Proofing. He helps parents identify the dynamics of their parenting styles such as: strict vs. lenient, over-involved vs. under-involved and micro-managing vs. macro-managing. 

Van will cover the following principles and topics in his classes: 
   - recent discoveries of adolescent brain development
   - challenges of electronic devices and internet technology in parenting 
   - adolescent developmental theories             
   - monitoring and supervising teens in a healthy ways
   - dealing with control issues and power struggles with teenagers
   - dealing with the influence of adolescent's peer group
   - the exposure to and influence of drugs and alcohol
   - drug and alcohol use and abuse with teenagers
   - improving communication with teenagers

The above areas are covered with the intention of providing more insight and understanding for parents of their teenagers. Also, the hope is that the insight and understanding will provide more of a foundation for better relationships between parents and adolescents.