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Van T. Langeland, MS, LPC, LMFT

Marital Therapy
In the area of Marital Therapy, Van encourages his clients to become familiar with the work of John Gottman, Terrence Real, Harville Hendrix, Bill Doherty, Gary Chapman, Lori H. Gordon, Dan Wile, Harriet Lerner, David Burns and Emerson Eggerichs.

He will draw from these authors as he works with couples to learn how to relate to each other in more healthy, productive and need-fulfilling ways. The majority of therapy will include the following topics and principles:

   - Learn to focus more on yourself and less on your partner
   - Take responsibility for the part you play in the issue
   - Begin to make small positive changes in your behavior and attitudes
   - Learn to express appreciation and gratitude daily
   - Look at your Family of Origin roles and expectations
   - Learn and practice Active Listening communication skills
   - Practice forgiveness and letting go of past issues
   - Whenever possible, give each other the benefit of the doubt
   - Learn to shift from complaining to asking for what you would like
   - Practice moving to repairing issues and reconnecting quickly