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I do short-term solution focused counseling using basic tools of self-awareness. I tend to get right to the heart of the matter then identify what can be done and suggest various tools that will help. I enjoy offering support and inspiration to people who want to grow. I like working with people who are internally motivated. We always do better when we are motivated from within, when we are doing what we believe in. That kind of personal investment leads to success. I look for the good, find it and build on it. It’s true that whatever we focus on we create more of. I have a basic, inclusive, spiritual perspective and I use those principles in my work along with my intuition to bring about resolution, to empower and help you create a thoughtful life plan or simply accomplish whatever your goal is.

My experience and training cover a wide range of areas, but can be summarized to include these general categories; work with active duty military personnel and their families, children age 5 and up, adolescents and couples counseling. I also enjoy working with adults in general and offer support for issues as separation, divorce, healing the relationship, family counseling, work-related stress and job changes, anxiety, depression, anger, grief and loss and addiction in general. I also provide school-based mental health consultation and I am comfortable working with people of varying cultural/ethnic groups.

Length of sessions, fees, and cancellations:
Individual counseling sessions are up to 50 minutes in length. My initial intake interview fee is $150.00 (a more in-depth, lengthy interview) and subsequent individual sessions are $100.00.

These fees are negotiable and can be reduced if you are paying cash up front without insurance or are experiencing certain financial challenges.

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance including PPO, Blue Select, Blue Value and CMM (Comprehensive Major Medical). If you have one of these plans you are only responsible for paying the insurance copay as I am an in-network provider. The fee or copay is payable by cash or check at the end of each session. If your insurer does not reimburse me for rendered services, you are responsible for any unpaid balance. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please notify me at (919) 449-7358 within 24 hours of your scheduled session to avoid a charge of $60.00 for the appointment.

I see counseling as a process in which we work together to identify solutions to problems in the shortest period of time possible. I will work with you to move our sessions toward identifying solutions as opposed to staying focused on the problems. I use a cognitive/behavioral approach to counseling reinforced by teaching basic skills of self-awareness, noticing, reframing, intentionally managing thoughts and feelings to bring about the outcome you desire. I believe in the inherent, priceless value of each individual and work to empower my clients to heal themselves. I encourage clients to practice various self-awareness exercises between sessions.

Michael Davitt has a Masters of Social Work

​and is a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 31 years licensed experience.

To schedule an appointment with Michael,

please call (919) 449-7358.

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Michael T. Davitt, LCSW