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Dr. Bill Day has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Theology, and is a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Day, please call (919) 664-3278.

​​​Much of Dr. Day's graduate and post-graduate training focused on therapeutic methods that explore and reveal the hidden beliefs which often dictate our current behavior.  Addictions, fears, anxieties, anger and other problems are often rippling out from self-defeating beliefs embedded in the historical experiences of our lives. The eclectic approach that Bill has developed considers the whole person in the context of his or her whole life.  This means that, comprised as we are of body, soul and spirit, we are impacted on all three levels in all the experiences we have in life.  

The goal of Deep Healing Psychotherapy is to locate false beliefs that have become part of these experiences.  Then the task is to facilitate the exchange of these beliefs for the truths of the wonderful worth of human life. When these truths are discovered and embraced by one's faith and understanding, and one allows truth to replace negative beliefs, a person can take significant steps in becoming free indeed. 

Bill has written two books: Healing Troubled Hearts and Becoming the Likeness of Jesus. They can be found on his website at

Dr. Day's Related Education and Training:

• PhD, Clinical Psychology, The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH

• Master of Social Work, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

• Master of Theology, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

• Completed the requirements as a facilitator for Theophostic Prayer Ministry. This training included

   attending the 3-day Basic Training Seminar, taught by Dr. Ed. Smith, the founder of TPM.

• Completed basic training for HeartSync Ministry, a method of inner healing for hearts that have

   been broken and divided by trauma.  This training included his own personal healing as facilitated

   by the founder of the ministry, Fr. Andrew Miller, LCSW.

• Received training from Dr. Neil T. Anderson, a Christian psychologist who specializes in finding and

  extracting dysfunctional beliefs, replacing them with truth.

Bill Day, PhD, LCSW