Dr. Bill Day has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Theology, and is a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

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Bill Day, PhD, LCSW

​​​Much of Dr. Day's training has focused on methods that explore and reveal the hidden beliefs which influence our current behavior.  Addictions, fears, anxieties, anger, and other problems are often manifestations of self-defeating beliefs and interpretations embedded in the historical experiences of our lives.

The eclectic approach that Bill has developed considers the whole person in the context of his or her whole life.  This means that, comprised as we are of body, soul, and spirit, we are impacted on all three levels during the course of our life experiences.

Bill has written two books:  Healing Troubled Hearts and Becoming the Likeness of Jesus.  His approach to healing is based on the guidelines and steps as described in these two books.  They can be found on his website at healingtroubledhearts.com and also on Amazon.com.